About Pago

With a history spanning back to 1888, Pago’s original core values still ring true today. It’s green distinctive bottle captures the secret of taste intensity through a broad number of delicious fruity flavors. Pago juices are produced from natural fruits, sourced from the best fruit growers in the world to provide a special experience to savor. The traditional Austrian brand today is indispensable in bars, cafés and restaurants across Europe and is desired by consumers in over 30 countries world-wide.

The History of Pago

Every success story starts with an idea. Pago’s idea was about liquid fruit. Since 1888 up to now every sip of Pago is something special – a pure and unique pleasure



The Austrian Jakob Pagitz founded the company together with his brother Franz. The first flavours Apple, blackcurrant and redcurrant were offered.


Innovative juice press technique

Jakob Pagitz Junior joined the parental business and developed a unique juice press technique.


Brand name

The brand PAGO was born: from the first three letters from the company founder and the first letter of the German word for fruit – Obst.


Acquisition and Enlargement of assortment

The Austrian biggest brewery company takes over Pago which gives Pago access to a huge distribution network in gastronomy in Austria.


The new international bottle

Pago is market leader in the Austrian gastronomy and discovers potential outside the boarders for the first time. The new international green glass bottle with yellow lid is born.


Export boost

Pago conquers Europe: Pago is available in 16 European countries and represented in bigger countries with own distribution companies. In the OOH-business Pago also becomes market leader in Italy, Croatia and France.


125 years of Pago & acquisition of Eckes-Granini

Pago is celebrating 125 years anniversary. The brand is taken over from Eckes-Granini which has now an international OOH-brand in its portfolio.

Our Sustainabilty Commitment

At Pago, we have a passion for fruit and that is why we protect our nature to preserve its intense and unique taste in all our products. It is this obsession that drives us for over 130 years to continue, every day, to offer you the best fruit to drink.

Our Sustainable grown fruits

We want to give back as much as possible to our mother earth, who treats us with the best delicious fruit and vegetables.

As a member of the “Sustainable Juice Covenant”, we want to ensure sustainable farming. For this we are working with our supply chain partners to develop, train and audit farmers. Our farms finally have to pass an assessment program based on 3rd party auditing, to be recognized as a sustainable farm. This includes, for example, ensuring that native ecosystems are left in their original state, fair wages for all employees and adequate use of crop protection products. In addition to this we have joined the “Solidaridad” program to especially help and train smallholding farmers on sustainable practices.

As from 2019 all our orange juice from Brazil reached compliance to our sustainability standards and therefore is 100% sustainably grown. And this has only been the start, as we follow with other raw materials soon. We have a mission to use only 100% sustainably grown fruits and vegetables for our products by 2030.

Our Responsibility for Nutrition

In order to provide the best taste, all our recipes are free from artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives and sweeteners. In addition to this for several years, we have been improving our recipes in order to reduce the sugar content while preserving the unique taste. By the end of 2020 we will achieve an average sugar reduction of our nectars and drinks recipes by 10%.

On top of this, we aim to offer more juices with 100% fruit content without added sugar. For instance, we switched our Pineapple nectar and Pink Grapefruit Drink to a 100% recipe in 2020. And we are further working on naturally reducing the sugar content of our range while keeping the intense fruity taste experience, Pago is famous for.

Recycling our Packaging

All our packaging is designed to preserve the unique tastes of our products but also to limit our impact on the planet as much as possible.
This is why we have chosen to make all of our plastic bottles 100% recyclable. Having the right collection and sorting allows the bottle to have a new life, through textiles, gardening tools, automotive equipment, etc. As recycling is of great importance to us, we are also integrating recycled material in our bottles starting in 2020. We use up to 50% recycled PET (rPET) in our plastic bottles. The same goes for our glass bottles, which already contain up to 80% recycled material.

Our committed Employees

Without an ambitious and passionate team, our transformation into one of the most sustainable juice producers would be unthinkable. That is why we encourage our employees to contribute their ideas and commitment to this transformation process.
Pago is part of the Eckes-Granini Group which has around 1,750 employees in eleven European countries. With their passion, ideas and commitment, our people make a significant contribution to the success of our company. They are also the ones who ensure that all our sustainability efforts are actively implemented and lived every day. On our way to becoming one of the most sustainable companies, we therefore cultivate a work culture that supports change, meets the needs of our teams and provides room for personal and professional growth.

Our Climate Protecting

Our overall ambition is to significantly reduce CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas emissions to protect the climate. Firstly, we will focus on our own emissions, to become climate neutral in our entire organization by the end of 2021, this means to reach zero CO2 in emissions. We reduce all of our direct emissions from our factories, offices and company vehicles as much as possible and compensate the remaining CO2 emissions with projects - for example planting trees - that will absorb CO2. 
But this is just the start, as we plan to reduce all indirect emissions as well, coming from all our suppliers, production and distribution partners.  ​​Although we do not control them directly, we want to participate actively to reach a significant reduction of those emissions by 2030.

Our Social Responsibility

As a family-owned business, children are particularly close to our hearts. This is why we are fully engaged to the well-being of seriously ill children. Every year we raise several millions of Euro via the Team Rynkeby foundation, which is carrying out an international charity event in Europe.

In addition, we are committed to good and pleasant living conditions, especially in the  immediate neighbourhood of our locations and employees.